• 70th season of Orphan Black: Maybe Beth's still alive!!!

Woah, there ! U okay, friend ?


smells like eyeshadow and anger

usedkneedles asked: saw your tag on a felix post regarding needing to watch "cats". yes, it absolutely is that bad. and not in a so-bad-it-becomes-good way. just outdated and already terrible when it was new. brace yourself. strap into some tasteful pink armor. def pack the whistle.

Thank you for the warning, friend ! I checked bits on youtube ‘cause I’m reckless and stupid.

I’m afraid my pink armor, whistle, red scarf and pink goggles were not even enough to save my bum. I did not expect this.


So much fur I feel like I can taste fur-balls in my throat.

Oh my god, who thought of this ? Why ? And just picture a fully-committed Alison singing memory while rolling on the ground in a full costume of glittering fur… L’HORREUR.

  • Cosima: i do my own research.
  • Cosima: [tells scott to do research]
Anonymous asked: hello there ! ! ! I was listenin to ali-wmil-pink's double bass post earlier and it reminded me: will you post the sax I've been waitin for, is this still a thing ? please please please say yes please pleeeeaaaase !


hey hey anon :D


hhrrnngngnggg adfjklfadshio ; wIPQerio ‘IO; it’s so great i think i may be in love with alison-would-make-it-look-pink's bass playing

YES I WILL i meant to record it yesterday night but then i fell asleep accidentally, so…. 

i’ll have it up by the end of the week, don’t worry! ^.^

if you think you missed it or something, you can always check my tag, that bari sax life . it has all my sax stuff and all that jazz :D

hope you’re lovely!

OH. MON. DIEU. Anon.

For reminding Glynnbear she’s meant to jazz us a little something: 

Thumbs up.

For including my stuff into the mix:

Thumbs down.

#AreYouCrazy #She’sABrilliantSax #DON’TPointHerToMyLazyBassing

Now, Glynnbear. Thank you. I’m happy you liked listening to me butchering  OB’s opening tune.XD You have nooo idea how eager I am to listen to your next post ! Have a raaaad day !


This one’s for you Cosima fans!!! She’s definitely my fave! orphanblack orphanblacktv


This one’s for you Cosima fans!!! She’s definitely my fave! orphanblack orphanblacktv


Felix Dawkins in 2x01 - ‘Nature Under Constraint and Vexed